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As your regional representative I will always strive to keep you up to date on all topics relating to not only our own South Wales Region but our neighbours and of course nationally.

If you have any information you think relevant, please feel free to contact me so I may include it not only in this column but also in the JEC South Wales Magazine and also possibly in our section of the National JEC Magazine.

Any dates, times and locations for shows and events are unfortunately always  subject to change, so please do check with a member of the committee before travelling.

JEC South Wales News

December 2013


Over the weekend of the 14th to the17th of November I was asked if I would help out on the club stand at the NEC Classic Car Show. It is always good fun helping out on the stand. Our job is mainly to man the stand selling the tickets for the Clubs Prize Draw Car in aid of TroopAid and help entertain any members who take advantage of the seats and refreshments.

I drove up on the Thursday morning. After parking the car and booking into the hotel, I walked across to hall 20 where the JEC club stand was situated. James Blackwell, Tony Ridge, Simon and Ann Cronin and Rob Jenner were already there and had set up most of the stand.

As we were finishing off the stand, the mainstay of the stand, the cars, started arriving. Tony had brought the Prize Draw car, the XK convertible. Andy Brooks brought his 2006 XJ 350 to represent the 10th anniversary of the model. We had a beautiful 1963 Series 1 fhc E-Type owned and restored by Darren Field. Peter Purdom arrived in his 1953 XK120 dhc, originally supplied to the States but now fully restored in the UK. Keith Vincent brought along his XK140 drophead which he has owned for 33 years. John and Carole Tatar provided their 3.4 lire S-Type which had been restored in 2000.

Gavin Jones of XJK independent Jaguar Specialists had arrived with his excellent cut away engines and gearboxes. He was on hand all weekend to give technical advice to the members as was Bob Bate.

The only car which hadn’t arrived was David Bradbury’s XJR-15. He was stuck in traffic, but was on his way. We left Tony and Peter to position the XJR-15 when it arrived and retired to the Hotel.

Friday used to be the quietest day of the weekend but recently it has become much busier. I think that because Saturday has become so busy, last year you couldn’t move in the isles, a lot of people have decided come on the Friday instead. The stand was busy all day. We sold lots of tickets and signed up a lot of new members.

Saturday is always the busiest day. It is also the longest, the show opening a 9.00 am and closed at 6.30pm. Just after 11.00am Peter James the MD of Peter James Insurance brought Sir Stirling Moss to the stand to sign autographs. Many members took the opportunity to have their photograph taken with Sir Stirling.

We sell more tickets for the charity car on Sunday than any other day during the year. At 3.30 pm Dr Ralph Speth, Jaguar Land Rover CEO, made the draw for the Club. For the first time ever in the drawing of the ticket, the husband of the owner of the winning ticket, Martin Edwards, was present at the show. The show closed at 5.30 pm but we then had to pack up the stand and wait for the cars to leave before the vans were allowed in. By the time we loaded the vans and walked back to the hotel to pick up our cars it was after 8.00 pm. We then had to drive home. A long day!


Silverstone Classic will be held on the 25/26/27th of July 2014. This is always a great event with over 9000 classic cars attending and 1500 racing. As usual we will be staying in a hotel nearby Silverstone on the Friday and Saturday night. I will be booking these in the New Year. If you interested in going would you please contact me as soon as possible.


Our annual AGM will be held at the 13th of January at our monthly meeting. I would urge as many members as possible to attend.

November 2013


As usual I attended the Spares day to help on the JEC stand selling tickets for the XK charity car to support Troop Aid. I hope you have all bought some tickets as it is for a very worthy cause. The draw will be made at the NEC Classic Car Show on the 17th of November. Some lucky person is going to win a very nice XK. Upon walking into the hall, at around 8.00 am, the only person standing there was Norman Dewis. How he looks so good at 92 I just don’t know. I’ll just be happy to be alive at his age. After a chat with Norman, Graham Searle arrived, followed shortly after by Tony Ridge with the raffle car. We soon had the stand set up and it was time for a walk around the stalls before the general public were let in. SNG Barrett had a very impressive stand, taking up the whole of one isle. It is noticeable that over the years the big part specialists have become much more professional with large stands, with all their parts laid out in order, unlike 10 or 15 years ago when the really interesting parts of the show used to be the small stands, people like us, who would clear out their garage and have a small stand with lots of unusual stuff which you could rummage through and find a bargain. I suppose the internet has had a lot to do with this as it is so easy to sell parts online without the effort of getting up early and paying for a stand. The day was successful, we sold lots of raffle tickets, but it is noticeable that by 3pm everyone is packing up, it used to be busy right up to 4 pm.

Due to the forecast of bad weather, many of our members decided not to go to the Malvern Show and instead attended Spares Day.

Colin Masterson, Dave Fisher and John James all came along. It is always nice to see old friends at these shows.


The show this year has a new sponsor Lancaster Insurance. It is being held from the 15th-17th of November at the NEC at Birmingham. There's a mouth-watering array of classic cars on display at the Classic Motor Show, whether you have a passion for British racers and traditional classics or you prefer the more modern retro classics, you won't be disappointed. Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane and enjoy the cars from years gone by.

Lots of visitors grew up with motorbikes and the organizers were always being asked to include some two wheeled machinery. So, rather than just add a few bikes, they have gone one better – and added a whole Classic Motorbike Show.

This is always a very good show. The JEC have a large stand with free coffee for all members. On Saturday the 16th at 11.10 Sir Stirling Moss will be signing autographs on our stand.


Great news, the Tredegar Park Classic Car Show will be held on the 21st of September 2014. As many members will be aware Mandy and Bruce Womac who run the show had indicated that this year’s show, 2013, may have been the last. They have decided to run the show again in 2014 but have indicated that this will defiantly be the last show! I hope we can change their mind again.

The Goodwood Revival is being held being held on the 14th to the 16th September 2014. As you are aware it is usually on the same weekend as Tredegar Park so most of us cannot attend both shows. Next year if there is enough interest I intend to organise an overnight trip to the revival. Would anyone who is interested please let me know.


This year's Christmas Dinner is again held at the St Mellons Golf Club, Cardiff, CF3 2XS, on Saturday the 7th of December, 7.30 for 8.00 pm. I hope as many JEC members and friends will attend as it is always a very good night. For anyone wishing to stay on the night, accommodation is available at St Mellons Country Club telephone number 01633 680355. The Country Club is alongside the Golf Club. I would appreciate if any members who would like to attend could contact me with their choice of meals and also payment in full as soon as possible. Please make cheques out to "Jaguar Enthusiasts Club (South Wales Region)". Any members attending the next regional meeting on the 11th November can pay me then, otherwise any payments and choices can be sent to me at the following address: The Cherry’s, Marshfield Road, Marshfield, Cardiff, CF3 2TU

AGM 2014

Our annual AGM will be held at the 13th of January at our monthly meeting. I would urge as many members as possible to attend.

October 2013


The amount of effort which goes into setting up this show is amazing. I would like to thank all the club members who helped with the setting up on Saturday, it was really appreciated. Mandy and Bruce Womac, who organize the show, really need as much help as possible; otherwise this may be the last show. I suggested last year that we put a note on the entry form asking for help. Despite there being approximately 1500 entries only 2 people offered to help. The MG Club help every year and this year we also had two members of the Land Rover Club.

Unfortunately the early weather forecast for the day was for heavy rain and gale force wind. This changed during the week with rain coming in late morning. On the day I believe we had about two thirds of the cars which entered. Certainly our stand was only two thirds full.

James Blackwell brought the JEC transit van and club marquee and we helped him to set it up. During the day he signed up 4 new members and sold a considerable amount of merchandise.

Despite the weather forecast the auto jumble was well supported with a wide range of parts and tools available.

We soon had our “event shelter” up and as this is our “local show” I had brought extra bacon, beef burgers and sausages in rolls with lots of onions. Paul soon had the cooker going and everyone on the stand appreciated the food. Ruth had made her delicious chocolate cake and we had a slice each in the afternoon.

The rain came in just after 12.00 and it became quite heavy. The forecast was rain until 5.00pm and very windy. Even though there were quite a lot of people walking around in the morning, once the rain came it stopped the majority of the paying public coming in the afternoon. The show is run for Leukaemia Research and a lot of the money raised comes from families coming for the afternoon. It was a blow that by 1.30 a lot of the classic cars were leaving and going home. We waited until about 3.30 and with no signed of the rain stopping reluctantly packed up. The rain stopped at 5.00 and the sun came out!

I was afraid that after all the hard work the show would make a loss, but Mandy informed me that it had still made £25000.00 about half of what it usually makes. That takes the total raised by the Gwent Region to well over 1 million pounds.


We were invited by the Bristol Region of the JEC to their B/Q at the Olveston Sports and Social Club near Thornbury. Many years ago I used to go to their barbeque and it always was very good.

We arranged to meet at the old Seven Bridge, as Olveston is just on the other side. Unfortunately the bridge was closed so we had to rearrange our meeting place to the Magor Services and divert over the new Seven Bridge and up the A38. Despite my sat nav taking us up a country lane we arrived right on time. The Bristol Region made us very welcome, the food was good and everyone had a great time.


On Sunday the 6th October we attended the Castle Combe Action day. This was the second year of this event and it gets better every year. Paul, E-Type, Andy and Heather XKR, Colin, E-Type, Keith C-Type, Dave S-Type and myself, E-Type met at the old Seven Bridge for the short run up to Castle Combe.

The weather was good, it was like a summer’s day. James and Graham had set up the JEC Marquee on the Saturday and all we had to do was set up our “event shelter” and start cooking the bacon rolls.

We had a large display area, the biggest of the all the car clubs but it was filling up quickly and we soon had to take some of our neighbours stand to accommodate all our cars.

In the paddock there were some fabulous cars including the Ecurie Ecosse transporter and cars. Norman Dewis, at 93 years old, drove a replica XJ13 for two parade laps. He is amazing for his age.

We also asked to take our cars out on a Jaguar themed parade lap. We ended up doing three laps unfortunately behind a pace car.

September 2013


On Sunday the 11th August we attended the Three Cocks Vintage Rally. The rally is held at Boatside Farm close to Hay-on-Wye. The Jaguar stand is organized by one of our old members Howard Harper. Howard moved to Hay-on-Wye and because of the distance joined the Three Counties region.

Paul, E-Type, Andy and Heather, XKR, and myself  E-Type met at the supermarket at Abergavenny. Dave and Ruth, XK8, Colin, E-Type, and John Mk2, came up over the Brecon Beacons.

We arrived early to be met by Howard who showed us where to park. We soon had the “event shelter” erected and Paul put on the cooker to start making the bacon rolls.

We enjoy this show every year. There is a wide variety of classic and vintage cars, lots of classic bikes, tractors and steam engines.

On our way home we stopped at Howards and Jens house for tea, coffee and refreshments.


This event was the second of the JEC national days. The first was held up north, this being southern day. Littlecote Manor is a lovely old manor house situated by Hungerford. Four of our members with their spouses decided to book for the weekend package, staying Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, travelling back on Monday. Littlecote Manor is one of the Warner hotels and the weekend offer includes breakfast, dinner and full entertainment each day.

Dave and Ruth XK8, Andy and Heather XKR, John and Janet XK140 and Jan and myself  XJ220 left Cardiff  Friday morning. We stopped on the way at a lovely pub the Crown & Anchor in Ramsbury and had lunch. John was particularly fond of the local beer Ramsbury Gold. After booking into the hotel, Friday afternoon was spent exploring the Manor House and its extensive grounds.

Saturday morning we offered to help out setting up the field and checked on the position of our regional stand. The afternoon was spent in Hungerford, it kept the ladies happy. John and Janet, Andy and Heather went on a “cruise of the canal” while Dave and Ruth, Jan and myself retired to a hotels “beer garden” for a meal and a few drinks.

Sunday was fine and dry and having positioned our cars on the regional stand on Saturday afternoon we were ready to welcome our members who were driving up that morning. Paul and Colin both in E-types arrived early and we soon had the “event shelter” erected. Terry and Jacqueline came just afterwards in their E- type and Nigel brought his Swallow. With Alan XJS and Bill’s XJR already there the stand was full. We believe there were over 700 Jaguars attending on the day .We stayed on at the end to help take dismantle the JEC stands and pack everything away.

It was Dave and Ruth’s 35th wedding anniversary on the Monday and Dave decided to surprise Ruth and celebrate it on Sunday night.

We left around 11.30am Monday with John and Andy deciding to travel back on the” A” roads whilst Dave and myself used the motorway. The 220 doesn’t like country roads!

A great weekend, thoroughly recommended.

August 2013


On Sunday the 14th of July we attended the Pontardulais Motor Club Classic Car show at the Festival Field site on the Millennium Coastal Park, Llanelli. Six of our members attended. Paul Cogdon, Ruth and Dave Fisher, Keith Ryall, Andrew Reid and myself met at the services on the M4 for the drive to the Millennium Park. The weather was fine all day and everyone enjoyed the show.


This is billed as the”Biggest Classic Motor Racing Festival in the World” with over 8000 classic cars attending and 24 classic races over the weekend. Andy Webber XKR, Colin Masterson E-Type, Dave and Ruth Fisher XK8, and myself with John James as navigator in the XJ220 attended the show.

We left Cardiff at 9.00 am on Friday and had a good run to Silverstone, stopping to fill up with petrol and sandwiches as the food at Silverstone leaves a lot to be desired. We were welcomed on to the JEC stand, which was situated on top of the banking just past copse corner, by James, Mark, Rob and Julie who had set the stand up the previous day.

We then spent some time walking around all the auto jumble stands and admiring some of the classic cars. I decided to leave the XJ220 on the stand for the night rather than take it to the hotel as the A43 last year was very congested and the car doesn’t like being stuck in stop start traffic. On arriving at our hotel we found that the Porsche club was having a gala dinner there. There were Porsches everywhere. In the evening we took a short taxi ride to the White Pub in Flore to have very pleasant meal with James, Mark, Rob and Julie from the JEC.

On Saturday we decided to take the Routemaster bus over to the new pit complex. It is amazing to see the number of huge transporters lined up alongside each other. Just like you see on TV with F1. There is a tremendous amount of money in Classic Car Racing now. Andy finally brought us all ice creams at last, so I take back all I said about “Bankers” in last month’s edition , well most of it at least. He did comment that it would have been much cheaper to buy it at Barry Island as the prices at Silverstone were twice as much.

Sunday we decided to look around the 8000 add classic cars and watch the racing. The range of cars are amazing and being able to go anywhere including inside the pits, unlike F1, really makes it much more interesting. We finished a great weekend off by helping take down the JEC stand and then had a good run back to Wales.


Colin Masterson E-Type, Dave and Ruth Fisher XK8, Paul Cogdon E-Type, Terry and Jacqueline Brown E-Type and myself  E-Type met at the old Seven Bridge on Sunday 21st July. It had to be an early start at 7.00 am as it takes 1hour 40 minutes to drive to Sherborne and there are around a 1000 cars attending this event so we did not want to arrive late and be stuck in traffic.

While driving along the M5 Terry who was the last car went missing. We turned off at the junction and waited for him but unfortunately the oil pressure on his e-type started fluctuating and he ended up being recovered by the A.A.

We arrived at Sherborne without any other problems and parked on the JEC Stand which was organised by the Dorset region. We soon the “Event Shelter” up and Paul soon had the bacon rolls ready.

The show was quite impressive with all sorts of cars from supercars to veterans. The weather was fine all day but the return journey was quite difficult due to roads being closed.


Last months “E-Shot” went out to the 149 members in our region that we have e-mail address for. To date it was opened by 86 members and forwarded on and opened 167 times.

July 2013


The Barry Show was at a new venue this year, the old Butlins site at Barry Island. Paul, E-type, Colin, E-type, Andy XKR, Andrew XK140, Keith, C-Type and myself, E-Type, attended. It was a nice sunny day, but unfortunately Barry Council had dug up all tarmac on the site a week before and left a very dusty site. Fortunately we managed to commander a grassy area at the top of the site to put up the ‘Event Shelter’. Andy our Editor, a Banker, after some persuasion by Colin Masterson and myself  offered to by us an ice cream. A sob story that ‘Bankers Bonuses aren’t what they were ‘didn’t work, so Colin and I frogmarched him to the ice cream kiosk. He them came up with a story that ‘he had left his wallet at home’ and promptly tried to buy 4 ice creams at Barry Island for £4. No chance. Colin then put him out of his misery and paid for the ice creams.  Andy we will not forget!  


Paul ,Dave, Colin, Bob, John and myself attended this show.

The weather was great which always make it a good event. We had a good position and Pauls cooking of the bacon rolls and burgers were much appreciated. We didn’t have the usual number of cars on our stand due to people being on holiday etc. but with a few extra cars from other regions the stand looked quite good.


John & Janet James, Bob & Pat Lush, Stuart& Jen Smith all went as usual on the “ Entente Cordiale” trip to France. John said that the weather was very good and but for security during the night he had the roof off from the time he left home to when he returned. He did indicate that there was a lot of driving every day and it was quite tiring. John & Janet won the “Noel Barker Award” for the car voted by the tour participants as the one they would most like to take home with them. This is the second time John & Janet have won it.


Paul  Cogdon, John James and myself  attended the event. We met up with Graham Searle, Norman Alford and Terry Die from the Bristol Region. Unfortunately the weather men had got their  forecast wrong and from about 11.00am to started raining and continued all day.


We sent out our “E-Shot” again last month to 151 of our members in our region that we have a current e-mail address for. Up to this present time it was opened 92 times by members and forwarded on and opened 178 times to date.


Many of our advertisers have already benefited from local members using their services or purchasing products, so why not join in and advertise in our magazine?

Rates start from only £2 per month and the designers that produce our magazine will also design your advert for free!

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June 2013


We attended the Vale of Glamorgan Show at Sully on Monday the 27th of May. This was the first show at the Sully Sport & Leisure Club and was organised by the Rotary Club of   Dinas Powis.

The weather forecast during the week was heavy rain on the Monday, but fortunately by the day of the show it had changed to rain between 3.00 to 4.00 pm. The show was a great success for a first attempt with a great view across the channel. We had large stand with a good variety of Jaguars on it.  

The organizers were very sensible and brought the prize giving forward from 4.00pm to 2.00 pm to allow everyone to leave a bit earlier, as the clouds were getting darker and darker. I just got home and parked the E-Type in the garage when the rain started.

One of our club members Keith Ryall won “Car of the Show” but unfortunately it was with his Gullwing Mercedes and not his XK 140.


Sunday 21st July. Dave and Ruth Fisher, Andy Webber, Colin Masterson, Paul Cogdon, John James and myself  have entered this event. Colin has attended this show on previous years and says it is very good. We will join the Devon Region JEC on their stand I have entry forms if you would like to come along.


The show this year was moved was moved from Hood Road to the old Butlins site at Barry Island. Colin Masterson, E-Type, Paul Cogdon, E-Type, Andy Webber, XKR, Andrew Reid, XK140, Keith Ryall, C Type and myself, E Type, attended the event. Keith has just purchase a beautiful Proteus C-Type which looked fabulous in its Ecurie Ecosse blue paint. The weather was great, but the tarmac on the car park had recently been removed and it left a very dusty surface which soon covered the cars in fine dust. A full report on this show will be in next month’s magazine.


Please be aware that all entries must be received by the 17th of June or there will be a £10 charge for a late entry or a £20 charge on the day, all of which will go to Leukaemia Research.


Many of our advertisers have already benefited from local members using their services or purchasing products, so why not join in and advertise in our magazine?

Rates start from only £2 per month and the designers that produce our magazine will also design your advert for free!

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We sent out our “E-Shot” again last month to 149 of our members in our region that we have a current e-mail address for. Up to this present time it was opened by 90 of our members and forwarded on and opened 235 times to date.

If you are not receiving these ‘eshot’ emails please check your junk or spam boxes to see if they are being directed into there by your email provider. If they are just open our email and add us to your safe senders list so all our emails will go directly into your ‘In Box’ in the future.

You can also update or register your email by visiting:

May 2013


Many thanks to John and Janet James for all their effort in arranging Drive it Day. It was a very interesting route with a nice venue, the Afan Lodge, for a coffee stop and a excellent restaurant for lunch. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day. I would also like to ask John on behalf of the members to thank the Coed-y-Mwstwr Hotel for the coffee, tea and bacon rolls which they provided free of charge in the morning.

Many years ago we joined with the Mercedes club for a barbeque at the Coed-y-Mwstwr Hotel. It was very successful and I would like to propose that we arrange a barbeque perhaps on a Sunday. Please let me know if you would be interested.


Due to the fact that all cars had to be pre 1984 only five of our member attended the show.

Colin brought his challenger E-Type, Paul his early series one E-type, John his XK140, Howard his XJS and I brought my MK2. The weather was dry but quite cold in the morning.


Colin Masterson entered this event. The route ran from Chepstow up through the Brecon Beacons and back through Tintern. The weather was very changeable but Colin enjoyed the day.


This month we have four new companies advertising in our magazine, please do support them as they help support our magazine by advertising with us. If you purchase goods or services from any of our advertisers please let them know you obtained their name and number from our magazine. It shows them that it is worth advertising in our magazine.


A lot of our members attended our monthly meeting in March when  Julian Barratt of SNG Barratt gave a very interesting talk on the company. It is one of the largest suppliers of Jaguar parts in the country and I am sure most of our members will have purchased parts from them.


Last year Andrew Douglass the   Managing Director kindly invited us to an open day at his premises. He had a large number of classic Jaguars in various stages of restoration. One of our members Stuart Smith is having a lot of work done, including a full re-spray, on his E-Type.


This very successful local company is run by long time members, Neville  & Stella Padfield. Neville has owned a large numbers of different Jaguars over the years. The firm runs a number of Jaguar, Daimler and Rolls Royce cars and also offers a range fabulous vintage buses. If you are planning a wedding this is the company to use.

GT TYRES (Grants Tyres)

Many of our readers will know Grant Williams as the driver of the very historic MK1 Jaguar (BUY1). Grant is a regular at the Goodwood Revival and Festival of Speed. He is probably the most spectacular driver at the event and has won this race many times often being much quicker than the professional drivers. He can supply most make of the classic and modern tyres at an extremely competitive prices. He also has the equipment to balance wire wheels.


In the May edition of the JEC National magazine we arranged to have a leaflet inserted in the CF and NP postcode areas, which include our entire region.

The idea was to promote our area and encourage more members to come along to our meetings and shows. Also we needed to get e-mail addresses of any member who has not yet provided them.

I hope you all received the flyer, if you did not please inform me as every South Wales member should have received one.


We sent out our “E-Shot” again last month to 144 of our members in our region that we have a current e-mail address for. Up to this present time it was opened by 90 of our members and forwarded on numerous times.

If you are not receiving these ‘eshot’ emails please check your junk or spam boxes to see if they are being directed into there by your email provider. If they are just open our email and add us to your safe senders list so all our emails will go directly into your ‘In Box’ in the future.

You can also update or register your email by visiting:

April 2013


At our last meeting on Monday the 11th of March we were fortunate to have Julian Barratt of SNG Barratts attend to give a talk about his company. I was extremely pleased that over eighteen members turned up to listen to a very informative talk by Julian.

I’m sure that many members did not realise that the business had been started by Julian’s father only because when restoring his own e-type he could not obtain the parts needed for it. He ended up having to buy scrapped e-types, which you could in those days, to get the parts he needed and then found that there was a market for the rest of the parts. From this the very successful business of SNG Barratts has developed with branches around the world.

I think the e-mail sent by Julian the next day summed up the evening.


Many thanks for having me to talk down in Cardiff last night. I genuinely really enjoyed the evening and you have a cracking bunch of folk down there who really seemed to get on board with the evening so please pass on my thanks for them making me so welcome! Also, the whiskey was overly generous and much appreciated…

If there is anyone who wishes to follow up on any of the items we discussed last night, feel free to pass on my direct details and I will try to help them out where I can or give them as much info as I have…

Look forward to seeing you at Stoneleigh.

Best Regards



I had been asked to attend to help on the club stand selling tickets for the charity car. The weather forecast was very changeable and I could not get a clear picture of what the road conditions were like. The consensus seemed to be that it was going to snow in the Stoneleigh area and so I “chickened out” and used the Range Rover instead of the XKR to go up. This is the first time in over 30 years that I have not arrived at Stoneleigh in a Jaguar. It was the right move because it snowed all day. I think there were more Range Rovers, Land Rovers and four wheel drive vehicles there than Jaguars.

Stoneleigh is always cold especially inside the buildings. This year was no exception. SNG Barratts had taken a whole isle and set out a very good display, where you entered via a green SNG Barratt canopy. The top of the canopy was white with snow. It was blowing in through the vents in the apex of the roof and as you walked down the aisles inside the building it was snowing.

Tony Ridge was late arriving with the new XK charity car as he lives at the bottom of a hill and the heavy snow had made it very difficult for him to get out. Jaguars with their wide tyres are not the best vehicles on snow. We then had to clean 6 inches of frozen snow off the car and chamois it down ready to put it on display. Luckily the display area for the charity car had been moved into the foyer area, next to the restaurant, the benefit being that there are a few heaters on the wall in this area so it was not as cold as the auto jumble areas.

Harry was there as usual, I don’t think he has missed spares day in many a year and we met up at lunch time in the restaurant for a coffee and to warm up.

Turnout on the day was down, both from the traders and the general public, but it was busier than many had expected.  Organiser, John Salway, closed the show a little earlier than normal at 3.00 pm as business had tailed off by then. On the charity car stand we sold 670 tickets at £1 each. Not as good as previous years but quite acceptable considering the conditions.


Our next outing is organised by John James who has spent a lot of time plotting a very interesting route and an excellent restaurant for lunch. We will be meeting at the Coed y Mwstwr Hotel at Coychurch just outside Bridgend between 9 am and 10am and will leave at 10am prompt. This was a very good event last year and if you ring John even at this late date he may be able to fit you in for lunch.


This will be the last meeting before the Pencoed show and as usual we will be having our Jaguar Stand on the showground. It would be helpful it you could let me know if you are attending as we need to know what size stand to mark out. We will be helping the SWCC on the Saturday before the show to mark out the field etc. Any members who can come along at about 9.00 to 9.30am to help for a few hours will be more than welcome. It is for a very good cause and each year a large amount of money is raised for charity. (You also get bacon rolls and coffee as a thank you.)


Littlecote House is a Warner Hotel situated just off Junction 14 of the M4 . Dave and Ruth, Andy and Heather , Jan and myself have all booked to stay on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. The JEC code you need to book is PHC-JAGUAR, but please be aware the hotel is likely to fill up quickly. Paul and some other members are going to come on the Sunday for the day.


We sent out our “E-Shot” again this month to 139 of our members in our region that we have a current e-mail address for. Up to this present time it was opened by 93 of our members.

This month we have three new companies advertising in our magazine, they are:


Rob and Heather Hill make a wide variety of fitted luggage to suit most classic and modern cars. They even make a case to fit in the boot of a 220! (Anyone who has seen the size of the boot will know why I am so surprised).


This is a local business concentrating on panel repairs, spraying and restoration of classic and modern cars and is run by its owner Dave Gough. I employed Dave as a sprayer in my garage at Castleton over 30 years ago, so you can see that he has been in the business for a long time and has wealth of knowledge in his industry. Andy Webber is just having some work done on one of his Jaguars and Dave will be stripping my Jenson to bare metal and re-spraying it.


This is a local business in Pyle which specialise in chrome and electro plating. Some of our members have already had work done by this company.

March 2013


We have had some very favourable comments concerning both the new magazine and website. All the comments so far are extremely positive, but we realise that is new venture for the region and we would appreciate any views, good or bad, so that we keep improving both the magazine and website.  I would like to respond to John James who has indicated in his Newsletter this month that “he thinks that the regional newsletters should have news of regional news and issues and not too much stuff pulled from major car magazines”. The problem with this reasoning is that during the winter months there is very little regional news, no car shows etc, as he has admitted, so either we do not print a magazine or we use other Jaguar material to compile the magazine. I hope that during the summer months that we can fill the magazine with regional news but still I feel that it makes the magazine more interesting if we include other Jaguar material. Can I just mention that David Bates, JEC Chairman, emailed us to say “The magazine is very impressive: you have made some real progress”. Also David had opened or forwarded the e-shot 44 times and we had other regions contacting us asking if we could give help and advice on their magazines/websites. It’s up to you as members to advise us what you would like in the magazine?

If you would like to help out and contribute to the magazine by writing a Jaguar related review or article please feel free to do so and send it to Andy our editor

To update the website we need some good quality photos of member’s cars and shows that we have visited over the previous years. If you have any of these photos would you please contact me or send them to me via my email or post them to me on CD.


We sent out an “E-Shot” on the 22nd of February. This was sent to the JEC members in our region that we have a current e-mail address for.  Of the 240 members in our region we have an e-mail address for 144. Up to this present time the E-Shot has been opened by 92 of our members. Some of them have opened it numerous times, many opening it 2 or 3 times, others opening it 20 to 40 times. I am pleased that our first attempt at this E-Shot has encouraged so many members to look at our new web site and I hope it will bring new members to our monthly meetings. We hope to increase this number by putting a leaflet in the JEC National Magazine giving details of our region and asking for an up to date email address.  We also sent out an E-Shot on the 5th of March reminding everyone of the visit by Julian Barratt of S.N.G. Barratt on Monday the 11th of March. If you are not receiving these E-Shots would you please confirm your e-mail address with me.

By the time you read this we will have had our visit by Julian Barratt of S.N.G Barratt which I am sure will be a great success. There will be an article on this in our next month’s magazine.


Just to remind any members who are attending this show on the 1st of April. We are meeting at our usual place, the car park in Monmouth, at 8.30 am. If you have asked for a ticket and perhaps this is too early for you would you contact me so I can post it to you?


As usual John James has spent a lot of time plotting a very interesting route and an excellent restaurant for lunch. I would encourage you to come along on the 21st of April as last year this was an extremely good event.  Please contact John James as soon as possible as reservations have to be made for lunch.


Dave and Ruth Fisher have now booked to attend the Silverstone Classic. John James, Colin Masterson, Andy Webber and I will also be going. Tickets are still available on the Silverstone Classic Site. They must be booked by the 31st of March to get the “Early Bird” price and the JEC code of C13212 must be used.

February 2013


Our local AGM was held at on January the 14th at our monthly meeting at the BBC Club. Your committee of Colin Manconi, John James, Mike Jones, Harry Kuehling, Paul Cogdon and Andy Webber will have it first meeting at 7.00 pm on February the 11th. A full report on this meeting will be included in the March newsletter.

Talk by Julian Barratt of SNG Barratt                                                                                                                   

At our next monthly meeting on the 11th of March, Julian Barratt of S N G Barratt, one of the largest suppliers of Jaguar parts in the country, will be giving a talk on his company. Having visited his premises and been given a tour of the workshop it is amazing how many parts they remanufacture there. From XK 120, 140 and 150 petrol tanks to complete distributors for V12 E-Types. I would urge all of our members to attend if possible as I am sure it will be extremely interesting.

Coleford Carnival of Transport.                                                                                                                                   

Our first show of the year is the Coleford Carnival of Transport on Monday the 1st of April. We have attended this show for many years and have always enjoyed it. Thirteen members have entered and there is space for two more. If anyone else is interested would they please inform me tonight as the entry form has to be sent off.

Silverstone Classic                                                                                                                                                                          

This is billed as the “Biggest Classic Motor Racing Festival in the World”. There are 24 classic races over the weekend. The entertainment in the evenings is as follows: The Hollies on Saturday night stars from the Commitments movie on Friday night and Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Eagles and Guns and Roses tribute bands on both nights.


John James and I have attended this meeting for many years and have really enjoyed it. Last year we were joined by Colin Masterson and Andy Webber. We have booked to stay the Friday and Saturday nights at The De Vere Hotel at Staverton Park, not too far away from Silverstone. Rooms may still be available.    

The tickets for the event have to be booked over the internet on the Silverstone Classic site. The cost for 2 entry tickets plus the important car pass ticket which allows you to park on the JEC stand on the infield is £86.00 . This is for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, a cost of just over £14.00 per day. Single days can also be booked. This “Early Bird” price must be booked before the31st of March and you must enter under the Club Display Package and use the JEC code of C13212 .  

I would urge you to attend this meeting if possible as there are over 7000 classic cars on display with between 700- 1000 cars racing.

JEC Southern Day at Littlecote House

This event is taking place on the 1st of September. Littlecote House is a Warner Leisure Hotel situated just off Junction 14 of the M4. This hotel has been used before for Southern day and it is a lovely setting which is not too far away. The Warner Hotels are very good with entertainment every night and good food. John and Janet James, Andy and Heather Webber, Dave and Ruth Fisher and Jan and I are intending to go. We will be staying on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, coming back on Monday. If any other members wish to join us or stay just one or two nights would they please let me know as I believe that the Hotel will fill up very quickly?